Saturday, June 12, 2010

OMG ! It's been three months since the last post. I think I must have broken all rules of blogging. No excuse, but honestly,  I have been swamped with setting up the business and deadlines have been up to my eyeballs.  I have been blessed to be working with clients and partners who enjoy and appreciate my work, of which I will share with you folks the work in subsequent posst (scout's honor, I will post them up). Anyway, to get the ball rolling, I like to share with you one of my weakness -  macaroons. From the famous Laduree to our Canele. It always makes my heart quiver when I see the whole spectrum display of them at the Canele at Paragons. It has never fail to perk me up whenever I needed one.

I think its a combination of the colours and the packaging that make it so amazing.  The packaging ...ah... one my favourite noun, its all in the details.  I came across this piece of amazing work by Anagrama, an ad agency in mexico that help create this gorgeous and amazing corporate identity for a patisserie in Mexico.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, tell me which girl would not love Kate Spade. All I can say Kate Spade is absolutely amazing. The brand has never fail to bring fashion and art any better that this. The recent launch of their flagship branch in Ayoyam has affirmed the brand's philosophy of mixing art and fashion. They had invited installation artist Rebecca Ward to do up the shop with colored tapes and transformed the shop to a gallery. And the end result speaks for itself.

The Beginning...

It's finally here !

After 8 grueling months, our website is finally completed. Nineteen Design Studio web site is HERE. I share with you my love of the color pink & brown, herringbone, grosgrain ribbon and most of all my absolute love for personal stationaries.  I have never imagine the day would come, but it did and I am really glad it did. 

For a start, I have launched the site with 8 signature wedding collection, which allows full customization of colors and texts. And following that, it will be the personal stationery designs and baby announcement stationaries. So sit tight.

I have been reading tons of blogs in the last couple of years and every day I am swooned, overwhelmed and inspired by the beautifully written blogs and captivating pictures and amazing works, it makes me want to be a part and the desire to create.

Reading my favorite blogs are a part of my daily ritual,  I am really excited to join the community of stationery, wedding and design bloggers who constantly inspire me day in and day out.

Honestly, I am never been much of journal kind of gal. Starting this blog not only gives me a chance to start ( guess its never too late ... ) but also an opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, inspirations that I may have from time to time. I reckon its also a good place to store and catalogue them. 

So, here it is, my first blog, my first entry. 

Come visit often !